Make / Model Universal - Indicators

The MINI VIPER are homologated bulbed indicators ( E Marked – Europe ). They are sold in pairs, they have 21 watt bulb (6 halogens). The MINI VIPER are available in two versions: standard and with long stem that, compared to short ones, have more than 2 centimeters in length and are used for the front.

The BARRACUDA LAMP INDICATORS are UNIVERSAL, E-MARKED and compatible with all market motorcycles.
The lamp supplied is 21 watt and can work on both 10 watt and 21 watt systems, but the assembly must be evaluated according to the model of motorcycle.
These considerations are general and concern 99% of the bikes on the market:

  • - Motorcycles with a 10-watt system can accommodate the 21-watt lamp arrows, work in flashing but lose the 4 EMERGENCY arrows function
  • - Motorcycles with a 21 watt system house the 21 watt lamp arrows, and the flashing is a perfect parameter including the 4 EMERGENCY arrows function
  • - Motorcycles with original LED system require a technical analysis to evaluate what is necessary for operation (RELAY).
  • There are also particular models of motorcycles that for technical characteristics require specific electronic adapters to be evaluated individually and for regular operation we recommend professional technical support.
    To complete the AD HOC INSTALLATION we advise you to consult the TECHNICAL SHEET relating to your motorcycle for the compatibility of related products such as:

    • - ARROW ADAPTER (necessary for mounting the indicators on the motorcycle structure)
    • - RESISTANCE (see above)
    • - CABLE ADAPTERS (necessary for connecting the indicators to the original system without the need to make changes to the original cables or connectors)

    • For any further information or technical requirement, please contact our technical support at the email


From: $54.89 Vat Incl.

Z-LED <strong>B-LUX</strong>

From: $80.19 Vat Incl.

X-LED <strong>B-LUX</strong>

From: $76.89 Vat Incl.

$52.69 Vat Incl.
$62.59 Vat Incl.
$54.89 Vat Incl.
$43.89 Vat Incl.
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