Make / Model Universal - Mirrors - Handlebar mounting

$152.90 Vat Incl.

SKIN-SN BAR END are not E-MARKED mirrors, they are part of high quality range: B-LUX.

They are in made from Aluminium

SKIN-SN BAR END mirrors are part of the SKIN project.

They are sold in pairs and available in BLACK color.

Skin bar end have an UNIVERSAL EXPANDING bracket compatible with the BARRACUDA RACING HANDLEBAR.

NOTE= YAMAHA, KAWASAKI, BMW and HONDA need the adaptor to fix the lever pro-tect on the original handlebar.

Designed by BARRACUDA

BARRACUDA BAR END REAR-VIEW MIRRORS with attachment to the handlebar end have a UNIVERSAL expansion attachment with a compatible diameter from 13 to 18 mm which fixes the mirror body inside the handlebar.
For the individual brands and models of motorcycles for the application of BAR END rear-view mirrors on the original handlebar, it is advisable to consult the specific assembly sheets for the individual motorcycles.

BARRACUDA APPROVED REAR-VIEW MIRRORS comply with European road safety regulations.
The homologation code is shown on the mirror body, or on the stamping on the glass bearing the symbol (E ......),

E-marked rear-view mirrors must necessarily have a MINIMUM reflective DIMENSION and therefore CANNOT be small.
For any further information or technical requirement, please contact our TECHNICAL OFFICE:

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